Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive Advantage

Program Overview
Strategic Thinking invites you to meet, head on, the challenges of building strategy, participants spend five highly focused days distilling and applying the latest strategic insights, models, and approaches. You emerge with implementable ideas for leveraging your firms’ capabilities and innovative ways to capitalize on current opportunities in the marketplace. You will learn how to accurately assess the competition, explore ways to make your organization more innovative and agile, and build a framework for sustainable competitive advantage. Through interactive lectures, case analyses, and small group discussions, you will examine a variety of options for growth, including alliances, acquisitions, and internal corporate ventures. Discover how other companies have leveraged core competencies and opportunities to become market leaders—and learn to apply these strategic insights to your own organization.

Who Should Attend
Senior and upper-middle managers with responsibility for strategy planning, formulation, implementation and business development are good candidates for this course. Many prior participants with extensive experience in planning have gained new insights and methods during the course. Likewise, managers just moving into planning areas will get a jump-start on the process—learning how leadership, vision, and strategy interact with one another. Please note: At the request of the program faculty, we are unable to admit strategy consultants into the program at this time. Companies are encouraged to send teams or cross-functional groups to leverage the value of the new learning tools and resources, throughout the organization.


  • Leverage your firm’s capabilities to the greatest competitive advantage, obtaining necessary resources through alliances, acquisitions, or internal corporate ventures.
  • Develop the flexibility to tailor the planning process to the business context and the needs of individual business units.
  • Enhance your ability to assess the strategic impact of the moves of your competitors, particularly those from abroad.
  • Gain new insights on the role of acquisitions, alliances, and divestitures in creating greater shareholder value.
  • Use innovation and agility to catapult your organization’s competitiveness.
  • Design implementable and operational strategic programs that can dramatically change your firm’s competitive position.

Session Topics

  • Strategy formulation and business planning
  • Sources of competitive advantage
  • Creating and sustaining a competitive advantage
  • Strategy under uncertainty
  • Real options reasoning
  • Corporate growth via acquisitions
  • Strategic alliances
  • Vision and focus for service strategy
  • Issues in implementing strategy
  • Hypercompetition
  • Discovery-driven planning