Strategic Alliances: Creating Growth Opportunities

Program Overview

  • To know focuses of Strategic Alliance on the negotiation and evolution and explores how to establish a strategic portfolio of profitable relationships even with limited time and resources.
  • To design and implement your own alliance process from start to finish.
  • Whether your company has just formed an alliance or is contemplating one, you’ll gain strategies and resources to create and sustain alliances that work.
  • Who Should Attend
  • Executives with responsibility for new business development, including general managers, strategic planning managers, and marketing managers, will benefit from this program. Financial officers involved in financing new ventures or mergers and acquisitions will also find it valuable.
  • Companies are encouraged to send teams or cross-functional groups to leverage the value of the new learning tools and resources throughout the organization.
  • The program is complementary to Mergers and Acquisitions, which focuses more on valuation and legal issues.


  • Access extensive research on alliance success factors
  • Improve the design, performance, and value creation of alliances using confirmed best practices.
  • Avoid costly or damaging mistakes by identifying potential pitfalls.
  • Gain a framework for analyzing the strategic, organizational, and cultural fit among partners.
  • Resolve conflicts, and manage the evolution of alliances more effectively.
  • Learn a new process for initiating the various stages of formulating, negotiating, managing, and evaluating alliances.
  • Position your firm as a preferred alliance partner by building on your collaborative capabilities.

Session Topics

  • How alliances contribute to competitive advantage
  • Analyzing fit among partners and selecting the right alliance structure
  • Stages of alliance formation
  • Alliances with customers and suppliers
  • Strategies for building mutual commitment and addressing conflict
  • Negotiating alliances for competitive advantage
  • Protecting one’s own strategic position
  • Establishing global strategic positions through alliances