Develop your Personality – The Systematic way

This tried, tested and proven training programme has helped thousands to become confident, project themselves positively to others, achieve excellence and be successful.

You will learn step-by-step, systematic methods to enhance your personality through discussions, group activities, questionnaires, individual exercises and practice sessions. The learning takes place in a friendly, informal and comfortable atmosphere.

The entire programme is completely practical. It is designed to develop the finer, positive facets in your personality


Day 1

  • The seven Ways to Project a Positive Personality to others
  • Developing the Qualities of a Winner
  • Overcoming Shyness and gaining of Confidence
  • How to be Self Motivated
  • Reducing Negativity and Developing Positive Attitudes to Life
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Developing better Interpersonal Relationships with others
  • Resolving Conflicts in Relationships

Day 2

  • Building Trust in Relationships
  • Managing your Time effectively
  • Overcoming the habit of Postponing
  • How to set Priorities in life
  • How to take Effective Decisions
  • Planning your Life and Career
  • Developing a strong Self Image
  • Enhancing Self Worth and Self Esteem

Day 3

  • How to be Assertive with others
  • How to Manage Anger and Frustrations
  • Steps to Minimize Stress and Tensions
  • Cultivating the Habits of Successful People
  • Applying the ten Secrets of Success
  • Applying the Golden Principles of Happiness
  • Developing a Balanced Personality

3 days - Corporate Human Potential Development, Personality Development Training

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