Program on Stress Management

Stress in the Business World
Managing in the corporate environment is becoming very demanding with increasing competition and globalization. Today’s business world and the manager's life style pattern make him vulnerable to stress.

Effective managers are becoming aware of the increased pressures they are experiencing. No executive can afford to ignore the effects of stress. More working days are lost through stress related illness than ever before.

Develop your Personality – The Systematic way

This tried, tested and proven training programme has helped thousands to become confident, project themselves positively to others, achieve excellence and be successful.

You will learn step-by-step, systematic methods to enhance your personality through discussions, group activities, questionnaires, individual exercises and practice sessions. The learning takes place in a friendly, informal and comfortable atmosphere.

The entire programme is completely practical. It is designed to develop the finer, positive facets in your personality



Overall Objective

  • To explore and develop the competencies for high self-motivation
  • Devising a pathway to sustained motivation and performance
  • How to stay motivated and perform in all times is the prime objective of the workshop.

Participant Profile
This is an open Learning Programme for all Managers, Executives and Supervisors across all functions who wish to enhance their motivation and performance and of their subordinates.


Haman Resource Management

In the present era of globalisation, human resource is considered as dynamic asset which in turn contributes for technological and social excellence.


This programme specially designed for Shop floor Workers and supporting staff would provide the participants a new outlook and positive consideration to work and personal life. Improving efficiency, communication skills, caring & accommodative nature and pleasing manners are some of the virtues imparted through this programme.

Effective Supervision

Supervision - beyond Experience


  • Supervisor – Conceptual Foundation
  • Elements of Effectiveness
  • Self Checklist
  • Concept of ‘Change’
  • Supervisor’s Job
  • The Black Spot Syndrome
  • Roles of a Supervisor

Role of a Problem Solver

  • Problem Solving Model
  • Develop Positive Attitude towards Problem Solving

Role of a Leader

Essential Skills for Managers


To manage people and their knowledge in our century of gross uncertainty and international competition, a manager is required to be a well-rounded leader. He or She must have a thorough knowledge of essential skills that are necessary to improve the overall health of the organization. In this carefully designed workshop some of the essential managerial skills will be discussed. Managers and management students will benefit from this programme that will cover:


Managerial Effectiveness

As always, the New Year 2013-14 too poses lots of challenges for the corporate world. These are the testing times for all in the business and it is certainly going to be “Survival of the Fittest”. As in the past, it is the Human Resource that is going to give competitive edge to any organization over its competitors. With this as a backdrop, here comes an opportunity for you to enhance the performance of your team members and organization as a whole. All the Programmes would be very practical and highly interactive.

Team Building


A team helps people steer away from blame and create a climate of loyalty and support. Global market competition demands that businesses learn to respond quicker with less cost and higher quality. Those organizations that are able to adapt to rapid and unpredictable levels of change will be more likely to survive in the twenty first century. Many believe that teams are the answer and that the members of those teams should be the best qualified people available to solve problems and implement solutions.

The Art of Reading an Annual Report

Objectives:    The program is designed to provide simple but powerful analytical tools to participants that aid in drawing useful qualitative and quantitative inferences from an annual report.

Content:    Elements of subjectivity


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