Leadership For Senior Executives


  • To optimize your effectiveness as a leader
  • To determine a leadership strategy and style suited to your growing responsibilities
  • To develop an approach aligned with your values and personality as well as your management role.
  • To focus on developing a leadership style that not only makes you a better manager of teams, but also helps you to unleash a culture of leadership across your organization.

Through self-assessment, group discussions, case studies, and interactive workshops, this program explores how leadership affects both individual and team development. Topics include:

The Customer-Centric Perspective

  • Satisfying customers, employees, and shareholders
  • Building ownership into business strategy

Managing Teams Effectively

  • Building productive teams
  • Maximizing team diversity

Leadership Style and Impact

  • Motivating a diverse workforce
  • Considering how decisions impact the organization

Extraordinary Leadership

  • Promoting a sense of shared responsibility
  • Creating a personal vision

Leading Change

  • Creating a leadership culture
  • Maintaining high performance levels

Leadership in Your Life

  • Making difficult personal and professional decisions
  • Handling moral challenges

This program is designed specifically for individuals who have significant corporate management responsibilities. Typical participant titles include chief operating officer, chief administrative officer, senior vice president, general manager, senior human resources officer, and divisional director or leader.