Developing Leaderhip

This Training Programme has been carefully designed to cater the needs of individual manager and help him to understand his personality, personal strengths and weaknesses and also his potential as a leader. It will also highlight on making work and organization more effective in the changing business environment.


  • To help gain insights into one’s own potential as a leader.
  • To develop appropriate leadership skills and strategies to achieve team effectiveness.
  • To help you to motivate your employees by giving them opportunity for valuable skill growth and development in decision-making.
  • To develop skills to become more effective.
  • To develop cross-functional awareness.


Day – 1 (Leadership – Foundation & Styles)

  • Leader & Leadership – Conceptual Foundation
  • Role of a Leader
  • Traditional Leadership Styles
  • Modern Leadership Styles:
  • Leadership by Direction
  • Leadership by Attraction
  • Leadership by Association
  • Leadership by Delegation
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Traits of Transformational Leaders

Day – 2 (Conflict Resolution)

  • Types of Conflicts
  • Sources of Conflicts
  • Consequences of Conflicts
  • Styles of dealing with Conflict (Thomas – Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument – TKI)
  • Conflict Resolution Process
  • Managing Anger

Day - 3 (Effective Delegation)

  • Managing Time & Priorities
  • Why Managers do not Delegate?
  • What should a Manager Delegate?
  • What should not be Delegated?
  • How to Delegate?

Day – 4 (Decision Making & Problem Solving)

  • Decision Making – Some Popular Notions
  • What makes an Effective Decision
  • Be Decisive – Ask the Right Questions
  • Decision Making Process
  • Decision Making – A Question of Style
  • Problem Solving – Promoting Creative Thinking
  • Points to Remember
  • Problem Solving Model

Day – 5 (Negotiation Skill)

  • Negotiation Skills – Basic Understanding
  • Types of Negotiations
  • Negotiations – Core Process
  • Negotiations – Variables Consideration
  • Preparing for Negotiation
  • Assessing the Opposition
  • Fundamental Rules & Principles


Video Presentation, Interaction, Role-Play, Sharing, Participative Exercises, Management Games, Brief lectures, Questionnaires.

Corporate Executives in marketing, production and non-finance functions. Sales Executives, Client Servicing Executives, Account Managers, Customer Support Executives and Call Centre Executives of financial products in banks and other financial intermediaries. Direct Sales Associates operating in the financial services industry Investors, Executives, Administrators, Supervisors, Accountants, Receptionist, Managers of all functional areas, especially from organizations & corporations with high emphasis on people/group driven activities will find this workshop very useful.

Dr Keyurkumar M Nayak – MBA – Ph.D. Corporate Trainer & Management Consultant

Rs.20,000/- for an Organization inclusive of Service Tax (Fee includes course fee, cost of reading material, lunch and refreshments. The cheque may please be drawn in the name of ‘Keyurkumar M Nayak.’. The Cost of travel and food will be taken care at your end.

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