Competitive Marketing Strategy

Anticipating competitors’ actions and reactions to your moves may be the key determinant of success for any marketing strategy. One competitor cuts prices, undermining your pricing strategy. Another may decide to offer new products and services, possibly over the Internet that has the potential to completely undermine your existing strategy. Could you have anticipated such moves? How do you respond?

Discover a number of tools and concepts to manage your competition. By helping you anticipate potential competitive responses to your actions, this course will help you develop effective marketing strategies for the long term.

Who should attend?

  1. Marketing executives and others involved in the strategy for a brand, product, or strategic business unit are ideal candidates for this program.
  2. Corporate planners benefit from the marketing perspective on competitive strategy. Past participants have included upper and middle managers from a broad range of industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, technology, industrial products, and consumer goods.


  1. Develop a strong working knowledge of competitive marketing strategy.
  2. Anticipate the effects of offensive and defensive strategies on your firm and your competition.
  3. Use new tools to analyze competitors, understand their strategies, and anticipate their reactions to your actions.
  4. Increase the impact of marketing activities by leveraging your strengths from your customers’ perspective.
  5. Understand how connections among businesses can change the competitive landscape for your products or services.

Contents of the Programme

  • Strategies for achieving advantage
  • Sources of competitive advantage
  • Anticipating, pre-empting and reacting to competitors’ actions
  • Competing with Brand equity
  • When Customers are also Competitors
  • Responding to competitive new product entry
  • Managing the threat of Private Labels and other low-price competition
  • Competitive pricing simulation
  • Developing new category products and opportunities

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